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Labs is where we experiment. We explore problems related to modern lives and apply behavioural science to solve them. Our areas of focus are self-leadership, emotional intelligence, team communication, collaboration, remote working, employee wellness, growth mindset, and company culture.

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Project 1: Restory

Create meaningful life goals and achieve them without neglecting the people and experiences that bring you joy.

Restory is our goal guider that nudges users with daily reminders to evaluate their mental state and progress towards their goals. Once a week, a series of prompts are delivered to users to help them reflect on their past week and plan ahead.

Click here to learn more about Restory and updates on when we open our waitlist.

Project 2 : Resilience Score

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of challenges, adversity, tragedy, and stress. Our Resilience Score measures the ability of an individual or team to look at situations positively or negatively, process events, and willingness to learn from it.

Resilience Score is an algorithm we developed based on pre-selected scientific studies by our co-founder and behavioural scientist Dr Katerina Bohle Carbonell. We at Human-Matter thoroughly reviewed the studies and discussed their merits to calculate Resilience Score of individuals and team.

Contact Us to learn more about Resilience Score and how we can help you can develop your resilience as individuals or as a team.

Project 3 : Remotivate

No person can work as an island. Social isolation and loneliness are one of the most common drawbacks of remote working.

Remotivate adopts behavioural design principles to create customised solutions to help companies combat problems related to the emotional well-being of remote workers/ distributed workforce.

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