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Labs are where we experiment. We explore problems related to modern lives and apply behavioural science to solve them. Our areas of focus are self-leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, self-awareness, remote working style, emotional wellness, growth mindset, and work-life integration.

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In the making: Work-Life fit

Each area of life, family, friends, school, work, and health demands your attention. Successfully integrating your work and non-work areas of life is about honouring your values, having the right mindset, and honing the right life skills. An important skill to master is the art healthy work-life integration.

We are creating a comprehensive system full of resources, frameworks/models, and action plans to train your mind and take actions to avoid burnout. Our objective with this project is to empower you to find a healthy work-life fit.

Our self-paced toolkit will provide you with the impetus to stay committed to work-life integration. Science-based, actionable, and most importantly, attainable.

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Project 2 : R-Power

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of challenges, adversity, tragedy, and stress. Resilience takes different forms. Resistance, Recovery, and the most powerful being Reconfiguration.

R-POWER is a 30 day mind training programme designed to test Resilience and Reconfigure the mind. Our proprietary R-SCORE measures the ability of an individual or team to look at situations positively or negatively, process events, and willingness to learn from it. We've developed an algorithm based on pre-selected scientific studies by behavioural scientist Dr Katerina Bohle Carbonell. Make resilience your superpower. Flourish despite an uncertain future.

R-POWER mind training programme + personalised R-SCORE has customisable plans.

Contact Us to learn more about R-POWER and how we can help you develop your resilience as individuals or as a team.

Project 3 : Mind Sprints

Great leadership starts with self-awareness.

Four times a year, we run Virtual Mind Sprints that opens your mind and improves your self-awareness. A combination of science-based mindfulness practice of Reflective Journaling+ value alignment exercises + peer to peer learning, this 4-week Mind Sprint will nudge you to lead with empathy, clarity, and awareness. Commit up to four hours per week to achieve greater clarity about who you are and what you want to achieve.

Mind sprints has customisable plans for individuals and groups.

Contact Us to learn about Mind Sprints.

Project 4: Restory

We believe in the transformative power of Reflective Journaling. Critically analyse past experiences and relationships. Nurture a healthier, happier future.

Restory provides structure and stimulus to kickstart a habit in Reflective Journaling in the form of a free 7-day email masterclass. It educates you on the science behind this mindfulness practice. The science based prompts help participants reflect and re-evaluate their mental state.

  • Looking to keep track of your goals?
  • Need to process a stressful situation?
  • Want to examine your daily behaviours? Our daily challenges will empower you to accomplish them.

  • Click here to learn more about Restory and sign up to this free masterclass.

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