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Be better humans.

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Sometimes, work gets in the way of our
happiness. Sometimes, people do.
Sometimes, our health does. Sometimes, it’s
our habits, attitudes, emotions and desires.
Sometimes, just life.

As humans we would live
richer, fuller lives if we
were made aware of our
behaviours and biases.

Human-Matter powers you
to live and lead better by
decoding human-behaviour.
Understand yourselves and
the people around you.

We simplify and
apply behavioural
science theories for
Human Good.


Stress Less,
Live More.

Labs is where we explore problems related to modern lives and apply behavioural science to solve them.

We all have some weird and wonderful goals for life. But it can be difficult to stay focussed on them in this distracting, dynamic world. At labs we are currently researching on achieving Life Goals.

We make achieving life goals smart, sticky, and
scientific. Be the first to know when we launch.


Presume less,
Seek more.

We simplify academic research in behavioural science into easily digestible insights that are practical and relevant to our modern lives.

Weekly wisdom empowering you to lead yourself
and others with clarity and confidence.


Hoard less,
Share more.

We are women. We are daughters. We have daughters. We know with the right life and leadership skills young women can reach what they set out to accomplish.

Leadher is our way of giving back by powering young women to lead our future for the better

The Human-Matter Story.

Human-Matter was born out of personal stories and challenges of two curious behavioural science nerds. One with a background in academia and the other, industry.

Adapting Paulo Coelho

“When you truly seek a purpose, the whole universe
conspires to bring together people with a similar purpose”

Our purpose is to power people to live and lead better. Organisations, teams, and families can succeed in realising their collective vision, when people are supported to succeed in their individual vision. The future is bright when we are human-centred. We enable individuals and groups to be the best versions of themselves. Be better Humans.

Experience the joy
of being a better
human with us.

What we value

What we value

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